Behringer Digital Mixer X32 Motor Fader Set of 5 High-Performance 100 mm Motor

Set of 5 High-Performance 100 mm Motor Faders for BEHRINGER X32.

The BEHRINGER X32 has changed the game by completely rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer, with tens of thousands of users enjoying the results every day.

300,000 Cycle Lifespan

Designed to provide flawless performance for up to 300,000 cycles, the X32 MOTOR FADER is the exact same 100 mm fader that came in your X32 Digital Mixing Console. They feature premium Nickel-Silver wiper fingers that float gently on the surface of a high-precision 10 kΩ linear resistive track for unparalleled longevity and accuracy.

Legendary Mabuchi* Drive Motor

X32 MOTOR FADER‘s Mabuchi drive motor is recognized by professional engineers the world over as being ultra-responsive, quiet and long-lived. Adding to the quiet operation of the motor, the nylon gear and belt that moves the wiper assembly is crafted of the highest-quality nylon for fast and smooth performance and reliability.

Sold in sets of 5, the X32 MOTOR FADER is available at your local BEHRINGER dealer, and can be installed quickly as part of your scheduled periodic maintenance.


  • Motorized 100 mm Fader for Behringer X32 digital consoles
  • High-endurance up to 300.000 cycle lifetime
  • Premium quality wiper fingers made from Nickel-Silver alloy
  • High-quality nylon belt and gear for fast and smooth operation
  • High-precision 10 kΩ linear resistive track
  • Long-life, industry-proven Mabuchi* motor
  • Designed and engineered in Germany.