BenQ LK990 4K HDR Installation Laser Projector

4K BlueCore laser with HDR10 Technology‎, 6000 AL, Contrast 3000,000:1‎, 1.07 Billion Colors‎, 1.5X zoom, Native 16:9 (8 aspect ratio selectable)‎, DC3 DMD Chip‎, Lens shift: Vertical: -60% ~ 60%/Horizontal: -25%~25%‎, Manual Lens Control, 24/7 op, 360° and Portrait Projection, Digital Image Shrink, IP6X Dust proof sealed engine, liquid cooling, 360° and Portrait Projection, Security Bar(anti-theft) ,HDBaseT, compatible with Creston, AMX, and Extron, DICOM X-Ray Imaging Simulation Mode, 3 Yrs On-site & 3 years or 15,000 hours on Laser Light*

  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution
  • Contrast ratio – 3,000,000:1
  • Laser light source life – 20,000 hrs

With the capability of generating intense BlueCore laser-powered brightness for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, BenQ’s LK990 harnesses the enduring DLP picture quality, razor-sharp 4K resolution, and IP6X level protection against dust to deliver impactful visual communication. LK990 is ideal for a wide range of application scenarios such as sports bars, private guesthouses, or simulated exhibitions.

 With the IP6X-certified dustproof capabilities and high luminance, LK990 can resist dust in outdoor environments while being used for outdoor cinema. By leveraging the innovative HDR technology and industry-leading light source, LK990 facilitates impactful and impressive visual display, allowing entertainment venues, outdoor environment or sports bars to provide the most authentic and delicate audiovisual enjoyment.

·  Razor-sharp 4K resolution.

·  Hyper-realistic video quality empowered by HDR 10 technology

·  Cutting-edge 4K image amplifying technology

·  6,000 lumens of brightness

·   Stratospherically high 3,000,000:1contrast ratio

·  BlueCore Laser Technology

·  DLP technology for lasting vibrant color

· Dual synchronized BlueCore color wheels

·  IP6X-certified dustproof capabilities

·  Auto HDR natural color rendition

·  DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) X ray imaging

·  BenQ BlueCore laser light source is guaranteed for 20,000 hours of superior image quality and performance.

·   LK990 employs two advanced cooling systems to ensure optimal thermal conduction during operation.

·   High altitude mode for elevated environments

·  360° and portrait projection accommodate diverse spaces