Tannoy CVS 4 Micro Compact Full Range 4″ Low Profile Two-Way Ceiling Speaker

Compact Full Range 4″ Low Profile Two-Way Ceiling Speaker with 40
W RMS power @ 6 Ohms , 70 V/100V : 15 W / 7.5 WUL 1480,
UL2043 certified .

Technical Details

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CVS4 Micro is perfect for those demanding applications where above-ceiling space islimited thanks to its shallow back can with a depth of less than 4” (98.3mm), while stilldelivering a combination of excellent sonic quality for music and speech reinforcement and exceptional reliability.With a frequency range of 90Hz-22kHz, continuous program power capacity of 80W and sensitivity of 87dB (1w/1m), the CVS4 Micro is suited for medium volume BGM and business/conferencing applications where even coverage and low-distortion, high quality natural sound is required. The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and nitrile rubber surround of the 4” driver enhance durability and long-term reliability. The CVS4 Micro is equipped with a low insertion loss 15W line transformer easily configurable to the following settings via front baffle mounted rotary tapping switch.


  • Versión compacto de la cvs4 altavoz de techo
  • Respuesta de frecuencia (-3dB) 1: 110 Hz – 19 kHz.
  • Rango de frecuencia (-10dB) 1: 90 Hz – 22 KHz
  • Nominal ángulo de cobertura: 90 °cónico
  • Impedancia nominal: 6 ohmios.