Logic LG-4RLC 4 Channel High Voltage Relay Control with RS-232

4 Channel High Voltage Relay Control with RS-232

This device helps to control the electric appliances like motor and projector through local keypad or Remote Keypad or RS232 interface by sitting in a single place.


  • Easy to install-plug in and play type
  • Compatible to switch 230VAC/8A devices
  • Individual Relay controlled through
  • Individual local keypad
  • RS232 Interface
  • Remote keypad (Optional)
  • LED indication for all Relays
  • 3 bit Dip switch (For RS232)
  • A set of two relays operates in pair. If one is ON then another will be OFF
  • Using Unit Identifier and operates up to 48 Relays through single RS232 Controller
  • Provides Memory retention
  • RS232 and Relays are optically isolated


No. of Relays 4
Output-3 PIN Captive Screw 230v,8A(L,N,E) 2
Output 4 Pin Captive Screw(F,L,N,E) 2
LED Indication Power and Relay 1 to 4
Keypad Selection 1 to 4
Manual/RS232 Select Switch DIP Switch
RS232 Interface D9F
Unit Identifier Code 3 Bits (Switch 6,7,8)
Exclusive Relay Mode 2 Bits
Main Input 230VAC
Dimension (RACK 19 INCH) 1U
Input Power Terminal Block 230VAC 1
Product Weight 2.0kg
Shipping Weight 3.0kg
Product Dimension (WxHxD) 420x40x190mm
Shipping Dimension (WxHxD) 490x90x250mm