Tannoy QFlex 16 White Digitally Steerable Powered Column Array Loudspeaker

Digitally Steerable Powered Column Array Loudspeaker with 16
Independently Controlled Drivers, Integrated DSP and BeamEngine
GUI Control for Installation Applications, 8 x 3″ LF, 8 x 1″ HF,Class
D,16 x 100 W per Amplifier Channels


The QFLEX 16 is a powered, digitally steerable multi-channel, column array loudspeaker designed as a complete solution for installed applications with challenging acoustics, such as houses of worship, transportation hubs, convention centers, conference facilities, shopping malls, performing arts centers and museums. The heart of the system is our proprietary VNET loudspeaker networking platform, which comprises both software and hardware DSP components that produce extremely-high speech intelligibility, impactful music reinforcement and complete loudspeaker system diagnostics and monitoring.


  • Digitally steerable column array speaker system provides extremely high intelligible speech and music reinforcement
  • Class leading +/-70 deg. steering control with 16 channels of integrated DSP and amplification
  • Intuitive BeamEngine GUI for asymmetric pattern creation and even near and far field SPL coverage
  • Ideal for the most challenging acoustic environments due to extended frequency range steering control
  • 8 3″ low frequency drivers and 8 1″ high frequency drivers with individual 100 Watt Class D amplifiers and integrated cutting edge DSP
  • For installation applications with coverage distances up to 25m (82′)
  • High density array of transducers with proportional frequency spacing prevents aliasing artefacts
  • Fully integrated amplified speaker system connects to other TANNOY VNET enabled products
  • Accessory options for constant voltage systems, Audinate Dante digital audio networks, Ethernet control and AES3 break in interface
  • AES3 input and link connections on RJ-45 connectors with internal sample rate conversion up to 96 kHz
  • Fully PA/VA compliant
  • Architecturally styled aluminum enclosure with a semi matt white painted finish
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum perforated grille
  • Included custom brackets allow quick and accurate installation