Texecom TXIACH0005 Wired PIR (Only Pet Immune)

Wired Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector- Premier Premier Compact PW EN Grade 2 Certified

This product is a anti-pet passive infrared detector, exquisite design, easy installation. Fit for the locations of the balcony, window, door, corridors, outdoor, etc. Imported high-end infrared sensor, SMT chip technology, anti-EMI & anti-RFI design, temperature compensation, pulse count, LED switch, etc. selectable functions, can be integrated with wired alarm host.


Working Voltage: 9V-16V  
Standby Current: 18mA
Working Current: ≤ 30mA
Pet Immunity: Immune to animal weighting up to 40kg
Anti-tamper Switch: 150mA/28V, N.C
RFI / EMI  rejection: 10V/m
Wide Detector Angle: 90° (11mX11m)
Detection Distance: 11m (25℃)
Detection Speed: 0.2-3.5m/s
Installation Way: Wall Hanging
Installation Height: 1.1m-3.1m Adjustable
Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C        
Item Size: Approx.17 * 8 * 5.5cm
Item Weight: Approx. 233g / 8.21oz


  • MCU technology to prevent all kinds of false alarms.
  • Dual PIR Sensor with anti-pet recognition technology, is under 40kg pet immune, prevent false alarm when pet passing.
  • SMT chip, anti-EMI & anti-RFI design. Anti-tamper alarm function to enhance anti-damage.
  • The PIR sensor is a wide angle 11mX11m with high catch performance and false alarm immunity.
  • Automatic temperature compensation, adjustable pulse count. LED ON/OFF optional, better concealment.
  • Rainproof: Doorbell can be installed outdoors, do not worry about being drenched by rain, anti-thunder.