Texecom TXIGBK0003 Wireless Pet Immune Compact

Wireless Pet Immune Compact PW-W PIR Motion Detector (866Mhz) EN Grade 2 Certified


Auto Learn Function

Device automatically learns onto the system once battery is inserted for quick and simple


Digital Temperature Compensation
Tamper proof wall and ceiling brackets with/without cable feed-through available separately
in packs of 10.

Ricochet Mesh Technology

Ricochet enabled wireless devices receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other
devices. The size, scalability and range are extended, as wireless signalling is no longer limited
by point-to-point communications

Selectable Pulse Count

The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted to match the installation environment
providing better detection accuracy and consequently better false alarm immunity

Sealed Optics

Prevents dust and insects from entering the sensor optics, eliminating potential false alarms.