Turbosound Performer TPX153 15″ Full Range Loudspeaker

Turbosound Performer TPX153   15″ Full Range Loudspeaker for Portable PA
Applications,500 Watts continuous, 2,000 Watts peak
power@ 4 Ohms


The 3-way full range TPX153 is a passive dual 15″ 2,000 Watt loudspeaker system that is ideally suited for a wide range of portable speech and music sound reinforcement, including FOH, side and drum fill applications. Engineered as a standalone 3-way system not requiring any external equalization or filtering, the TPX153 achieves optimal performance when paired with a subwoofer and TURBOSOUND loudspeaker management systems.


  • 3 way full range loudspeaker for portable PA applications
  • 500 Watts continuous, 2,000 Watts peak power
  • High excursion dual 15″ low frequency drivers with low mass coil for improved transient response
  • Aluminium dome 1″ compression driver with extended high frequency reproduction
  • Low distortion waveguide provides 70° H x 50° V dispersion
  • Hard wearing carpet covered 18mm (3/4″) wood construction